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Are you the typical genealogist who devotes either evenings or days all alone working tirelessly at the computer or at the Archives? Maybe you would welcome the idea of consulting a trustworthy Website rather than spending countless hours seeking for information without knowing if you have found a reliable source. Furthermore, if you can find the latest genealogy news on the site, it makes it all the better!

GenSpotters' main objective consists in gathering on its Website useful services for genealogists such as news, information, research, tourism and training as well as this new blog.

Suzanne, Daniel or Diane will make great use of their keyboard and mouse in order to invite you on Saturdays to read their posts about genealogy. Well, we like to think it will go deeper than that. We will write about various subjects, such as migration, because some of our ancestors were hardly leading a sedentary life; social history, because we certainly do want to understand the environment wherein the ones we pursue spent their days; and culture, because we are more than willing to travel to counties and countries where they lived.

Now back to the future—perhaps you already have an idea about this blog journey. If you expect that Daniel will brief you about DNA, that Diane is dying to tell it all on French Canadians from south of the border and that Suzanne will reveal her tips about searching in Italy, you are not far from the truth.

While looking for your ancestors, you usually meet outstanding people. With its featured interviews, GenSpotters will introduce you to actors from the world of genealogy from here and abroad.

Digging up the past may be fun. However, appreciating and acknowledging present time's advantages are not bad either. GenSpotters plans to keep you informed on today's best tools for genealogists, whether for scientific genealogy, software and cultural events.

We can't wait to share our passion with you on GenSpotters!



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