Genealogical Training

customized to fit your needs

Whether you have just started working on your tree or have been doing research for years, we have a course just for you!

We can help you learn how to search online databases efficiently, choose genealogy software that will work best for you, prepare for a research trip to repositories abroad or simply offer you a refresher course on subjects you are interested in.

In genealogy, starting on the right foot is critical. You first need some basics, time to practice what you learn, software for compiling all the data you have collected, and you must be very—and we mean very—curious.

Beginners' Course in Genealogy         ⇒ in 2018

Learn how to search online databases, evaluate the quality of the information at your disposal, document your ancestors' lives, choose the right sources, and identify the various repositories where to search. You will start building your family tree right from the first course.

Genealogy Software and Apps

Learn how to organize the data collected, cite sources, geolocate each event, create reports and edit trees. Our experts will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

Online Resources

Become more efficient while doing online research. There is more than one way to search certain Websites. Our experts will share their tips and optimize your search on PRDH, Genealogy Quebec, BMS2000, Family Search, Ancestry or BAnQ.

Intermediate Courses

Are you mostly interested in a refresher course or would you rather focus on a specific subject that you are interested in? We can build a customized course to meet your specific needs.

Research Abroad

Learn how to conduct research abroad, whether it is in the United States, France or Italy. We can help you master how the archives of these countries are organized and classified, how to locate the right archive repository, depending on the documents you are looking for. We can also help you understand how the territory of a specific country is organized for administrative purposes.


Customized course (one, two or three meetings) on knowledge, process, or standards.

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