You dig genealogy too?

How about a trip to your ancestors' land?

With our genealogy experience and travel expertise, we will be able to prepare a customized travel package focused on the discovery of locations linked to your family history that will meet your demands and travel needs. You will experience the art of living and taste the local cuisine of your ancestors' native land, whether you are travelling in a group, as a couple or alone.

Walking in Your Ancestor's Footsteps in Europe

How about entering the church where your ancestor was baptized or strolling through the streets of the village where he was born? You want to learn more about the culture of your ancestor's land of origin? Once your family tree submitted to us has been validated, we will organize your trip and suggest an itinerary based on your family history that you will allow you to live the culture of his native land.

Research Trip in an Archive Repository Abroad

Have you ever thought of travelling to Salt Lake City, Boston or Paris to pursue your genealogical quest? Our team of seasoned genealogists will help you prepare such a trip. We can give you some tips about the research process, the registration as well as the document retrieval process.

Thematic Tours related to Quebec's History and Pioneers

You have a Quebec ancestor and are curious about the history of the territory once known as New France? Or perhaps you are just a curious genealogy buff? Whether you would simply like to retrace your ancestors' steps or meet some remote cousins, we will be happy to advise you while building a personalized itinerary focused on suggestions of locations to visit.

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